Memorial Park in Chatham, NJ: Beautiful Outdoor Recreational Area

Memorial Park in Chatham, NJ is a beautiful outdoor recreational area that offers plenty to do. Memorial Park has been open since 1906 and covers nearly 200 acres of land. Memorial Park includes Memorial Lake, Memorial Field, Memorial Golf Course, Memorial Sports Complex with indoor facilities for baseball and softball tournaments, the Memorial Garden Walkway with over 1 million memorials at your fingertips or visits to the American Legion Post which was established in 1919. There are also many other activities available including mountain biking trails, horseback riding lessons and more! Memorial Park is an outdoor recreational area that was established in 1966. Memorial park also has baseball fields, basketball courts and tennis courts for children to play on. It’s surrounded by trees, bushes and flowers with a pond nearby as well as providing little entertainment like fishing or paddle boating (no equipment provided). Learn more here.

This large green field of grass is perfect for picnics with family or friends! The Memorial Park is a great place to spend time outdoors, and enjoy the Memorial Day events that take place there. This recreational area has many entertaining features for everyone. Visitors can find multiple sports fields including tennis courts and baseball diamonds along with trails and open spaces ideal for walking or jogging. The park also includes several pavilions as well as playgrounds for children of all ages! There are plenty of benches throughout this beautiful outdoor area so you never have to worry about carrying around your own chairs; however, we do recommend bringing sunblock because shade covers limited areas at times. Learn more about The Florham Park, NJ Region: One of the Best Places to Live.