Reconstruction in Chatham, NJ

Experiencing Major Property Damage? We can help!

Regain your peace of mind. Call Manta Property Service Group and bring back your home’s beauty.

Damage to your home is more than just physical. It impacts your sense of security and control. Damage mitigation is about people as much as property.

Have you suffered severe property damage from a fire or flood? Call 973-255-6161 to regain what you have lost. Manta Property Service Group is ready to restore your home.

More Than Just a House

How do you attach a value to your home? Your insurance company might just see the monetary cost. At Manta PSG, we understand that a home is more than just a structure or a dollar amount. 

  • Buying a home is a personal achievement.
  • A home is a refuge from natural disasters.
  • A new house is the start of a new life.
  • A family home contains treasured memories.

We strive to restore more than the physical appearance of your home. At Manta PSG, we restore home integrity. We will do what it takes to bring back the intangible things.

Have you lost a sense of security? Does your home no longer bring joy and pride? Call Manta PSG to reclaim what you have lost.

Restoration Expertise

At Manta PSG, we have experience with many types of home damage, including:

  • fire damage
  • rot
  • flood damage
  • accidents
  • mold
  • damage caused by prior construction issues

Manta PSG knows that your situation is unique. We will work with you to find a custom solution. Your safety and security are paramount. Every day your house is damaged takes a toll. We will finish the reconstruction quickly without sacrificing quality.

Don’t let home damage rob you of your peace of mind. Call Manta Property Service Group at 973-255-6161 to make your home new again, 


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